The delivery charge within the UK is £15 for orders up to £350. For orders above £350 the delivery is free within the UK.

Please note we don’t have a minimum order. Therefore for the small parcel, the delivery may cost less than £15. In this case, we refund the difference. A typical charge for small parcel will be:

Weight (kg)Delivery Charges
Under 1kg£3
1-2 kg£4.50
2-5 kg£8
5-10 kg£10

for small order, when you place an order you will be charged £15 at the checkout. We will return the difference with your order.


You may wish to contact us before placing the order so we can inform you of the cost of delivery charge before you place the order.

For delivery to other countries please see the charges below. If your country is not listed below please contact us and we will let you know the charges.

The charges are based on one carton. One carton would be up to a volumetric weight of 37.5 kg.

Please note that the delivery times below are from the day of dispatch. We will dispatch goods normally within 1-2 working days of having received the payment.

CountryRate/cartonCourierAverage Delivery TimeNote
Austria£25DPD3 days
Belgium£25DPD2 days
Bulgaria£30DPD4-6 days
Croatia325DPD4-6 days
Cyprus£75Parcel Force5 days
Czech Republic£25DPD3-4 days
Denmark£25DPD3 days
Estonia£25DPD4-5 days
Finland£25DPD4-5 days
France£25DPD2 days
Germany£25DPD2 days
Greece£40DPD4-6 days
Hungary£25DPD4-5 days
Italy£25DPD3-4 days
Latvia£25DPD4-6 days
Lithuania£25DPD4-6 days
Malta£75Parcel Force5 days
Netherlands£25DPD2 days
Northern Ireland£15PTI Express3 days
Norway£35Parcel Force4-7 days+ £25 (*)
Poland£25DPD4-5 days
Portugal£25DPD4-5 days
Republic of Ireland£15PTI Express3 days
Romania£25DPD4-6 days
Russia£70DPD7 days
Slovakia£25DPD3-4 days
Slovenia£25DPD4-5 days
Spain£25DPD3-4 days
Sweden£25DPD4-5 days
Switzerland£30Parcel Force4 days+£25 (*)
USA£150DPD4-5 days


(*) Please note that for Norway, Switzerland and other non-EU countries, there is a custom clearance fee of £25 for the whole consignment. Also, there may be an additional import duty raised by that country, which will initially be paid by the courier, who then bills the recipient for this.

For other countries not listed here, please contact us for a quote.